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For musicians 


There are a few pieces to being a musician that are required to be successful. One of these include administrative tasks such as ordering merch, booking shows, uploading songs for release etc.

Normally private managers can accomplish this, however they often charge quite a bit to accomplish these tasks. We do it for as low cost as possible.

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At In Case You Were Wondering Music, we believe that all art deserves attention. We take seriously our mission to be as inclusive as possible, endorsing positivity and supportiveness. We ask our community to do the same, and will refuse service to anyone who tries to tear others down.

In order for us to change the world, we have to work together.


We aim to modify the entire music industry, moving funds from the pockets of labels and corporations into the pockets of music makers and artists. Music as a career should not be viewed as a path to poverty.

This can be accomplished by turning the attention of the public from superstars to local stars who have amazing talent, showing that the money they spend on music could benefit their home town.

Musician Support
$25 Every month

Receive administrative and label services to local musicians


Artist Management

Booking Shows

Networking with other local musicians

Label Services


Project management

Merch ordering

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