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Giving Art Attention

The music industry generates billions of dollars annually. There IS money to be made in music, but the way the industry is built today, makes it nearly impossible to actually break into the industry. How can every-day humans with talent and passion for music get out there and receive more of the industry revenue, when they can only spend bits and pieces of time on their music, due to needing to work full time to pay for expenses? How do we break the concept of musicians being dirt poor unless they get lucky?

How Do We Help?

In Case You Were Wondering Music is dedicated to providing high quality but low cost administrative, business, and label services to bands and musicians looking to further their career. We do this by charging a monthly fee rather than taking a percentage of their work. This way the band can work at a pace that works for them, whether they want to grow quickly, or if they're just looking for help with one or two things, 

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